men dress clothes

men dress clothes

Men’s Dress Clothes

Perhaps there’s never been a better time for men to choose from an array of dress clothes for a variety of occasions. With so many styles, fabrics, and colors to select, men no longer have to stick to the same old same old.


There are classic suits, modern looks, dressy or sporty choices—all in a variety of fabrics, cuts and colors —but they should always fit well and be quality crafted. Some tips to consider when buying a suit:

  • Find a style that’s right for you – classic, modern, or something unique.
  • Choose fabrics that you like – wool, silk, linen, cotton, etc.
  • Select a color that flatters you – navy, gray, light brown..
  • Go for a classic fit – straight yet slightly relaxed.
  • Take advantage of tailoring – for that perfect fit.

Shirts and Ties

The secret to a great look starts with a good quality shirt. Choose from classic or modern styles and pieces that are easy to care for—all in a variety of colors, fabrics and patterns. Similarly, ties should match or complement any suit or dress shirt. Try a pattern, bring color, or simply choose a classic solid.

  • Look for fabric and pattern that suits you – linen, cotton, twill, herringbone, plaid, striped, etc.
  • Nothing wrong with solids – blues and white or any other color.
  • Choose a style of tie – classic, skinny, bow, knit, etc.
  • Select a color that works – navy, gray, green, burgundy, etc.

Shoes and Accessories

Complete the look with dress shoes that offer comfort as well as style. Opt for a classic oxford or a monk strap or a loafer. When it comes to accessories, a simple starting point is a pair of dress socks and a good quality watch. Throw in a pocket square, a belt in the same color of your shoes, and consider a cufflink or two for some added flair.

  • Find a pair of shoes – oxfords, monk straps, loafers, etc.
  • Finish it off with socks – either patterned or solid.
  • Think about a classy watch – leather bands look best.
  • Consider some added touches – pocket squares, belts, cufflinks.

Overall, there are many great apparel selections available so that men won’t have to look so basic the next time they dress up. Shop around, find quality pieces that suit you, and learn to mix it up by trying something new.

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