mens cloth

mens cloth

Mens Clothes – Tips and Tricks For Looking Your Best

Mens fashion can be hard to keep up with, but with a few handy tips and tricks, you can be sure to always look your best. Here are some of the basics of mens clothing:


  • Fit: An ill-fitting shirt will never look good, so make sure it fits you properly. Try to ensure the shirt is not too baggy, but also not too tight.
  • Style: Choose a shirt that is appropriate for the event/occasion. A good rule of thumb is to think of the formality and stick to that when selecting a shirt.
  • Colour/Patterns: Avoid garish colours, and opt for more subtle shades. Simple patterns and stripes can add a bit of class, but make sure the shirt you choose complements the rest of your outfit.


  • Fit: Choose a pair of trousers that sit comfortably, but are not too baggy. Ensure that they are long enough to cover any socks and shoes.
  • Style: Again, choose a pair of trousers that fit the occasion. For formal events, consider a tailored pair of trousers or even a pair of tuxedo trousers.
  • Colour/Patterns: Trousers should be neutrally coloured and pattern-free. A subtle shade of blue or grey is an excellent choice for formal occasions.


  • Fit: Shoes that fit correctly look better and are more comfortable to wear. Make sure you buy shoes that fit your feet properly.
  • Style: Footwear needs to match the event. For more formal events, dress shoes are the obvious choice.
  • Colour: For formal events, black or brown are your safest bet. For less formal events, brighter colours can be used to add some personality to your look.

This is just a brief guide for mens clothing. By selecting the right type of clothing for the occasion, you can be sure to always look your best.

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