mens clothing dress

mens clothing dress

Men’s Clothing Dress

Taking the time to properly dress for any occasion is important for men. Knowing what kind of clothing to wear and how to wear it can help create a fashionable and confident look. This article will cover what men need to know when dressing for various occasions.

Formal Wear

Formal occasions such as weddings or black tie events may require a specific ‘dress code’. It’s important to understand the expectations for these events so you can dress appropriately.

  • Suit & Tie: The most common formal garment for men is a suit and tie. The suit should be well-fitted. Choose a classic style such as a single-breasted two-button jacket and trousers. Select a plain color like navy or charcoal, and coordinate the tie with the color of the suit.
  • Shirt: A dress shirt is a must for formal occasions. A collared, long-sleeved shirt with french cuffs are a great choice. White is the traditional choice, but other colors such as light blue or light gray may also be appropriate.
  • Shoes: When dressing for a formal occasion, opt for leather dress shoes like oxfords or loafers. Make sure the shoes are polished and in good condition.
  • Accessories: The finishing touches for formal wear are the accessories. Make sure to add a pocket square to the suit pocket and a classic watch.

Casual Wear

Casual occasions such as work or dinner out require an entirely different style than formal wear. For these kinds of events, you want to look fashionable yet still maintain a relaxed feel.

  • Pants: Khakis, chinos or jeans are all acceptable casual pants. Khaki and chino pants are a bit more stylish and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Jeans are always a good option for casual events.
  • Shirts: Short-sleeved button-down shirts, polo shirts, or t-shirts are all acceptable casual choices. Make sure the shirt fits well and is free of wrinkles or stains.
  • Shoes: Sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes all make great casual shoes. Choose a pair you’re comfortable wearing and a style that goes with the outfit.
  • Accessories: Accessories can take a simple outfit and make it stand out. A simple fedora, tie, or belt can tie an outfit together.

No matter the occasion, men should invest the time to choose outfits that look good and reflect their personal style. Knowing what clothing is appropriate for various occasions is key to making a great fashion impression.

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