Mens clothing suit

mens clothing suit


Mens Clothing Suit

When it comes to dressing up for formal occasions, nothing compares to the traditional look of a mens clothing suit. Whether it be for special events, jobs, or a wedding, a good suit can upgrade your level of respect and formal look.

Let’s take a look at the different aspects of a suit and what makes it work so effectively:

Lapels and Buttons


The lapels and buttons of a suit are typically what set the tone for the overall look. Lapels can come in either a notch, peak, or shawl style. Each lapel style has a unique look when paired with a suit. As for the buttons, two- and three-button styles are common and preferred, with a four-button suit remaining as the least common and popular mens clothing suit style.

Color and Material


The color and fabric of a suit is what gives it its personality. Darker shades such as black and navy blue provide you with a more formal look, while lighter-colored suits can add a casual touch. As for the fabric, wool is the preferred material for its durability and ability to hold a crease.



Accessories are essential for completing the look of a suit. A few key items to complete your formal and dressy look include:

    • Tie: A nice tie is the finishing touch to pull the look of your suit together.


    • Pocket Square: Pocket squares add color and texture to your suit.


    • Watch: A classy timepiece on your wrist can elevate your look.


Whether you’re attending a formal wedding or your new job interview, a mens clothing suit is the perfect outfit for a variety of occasions. Make sure to keep the style, color, and accessories of your suit in mind for a proper and fit look.

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