mens dress clothes

mens dress clothes


Formal Wear

Men’s formal wear typically consists of:

  • Suits – suits are composed of trousers, a jacket, and some type of waist covering, either a vest or cummerbund.
  • Dress shirts – for formal occasions, these are usually plain white long-sleeved shirts, although light gray and cream colors can be acceptable for certain events.
  • Tie – A necktie is an essential piece of formal attire and comes in a variety of colors, prints and fabrics.
  • Dress shoes – Dress shoes should match the tone of the suit and can range from lace-up Oxford-style shoes to slip-on loafers.
  • Cuff links – Cuff links, which are typically made of precious metals and often bear a decorative motif, add a touch of refinement to an outfit.

Semi-Formal Wear

Semi-formal menswear consists of a suit with the jacket worn more casually, with a pair of dress trousers, and shirt and tie. The shoes, tie and shirt colors should coordinate, though a light-colored shirt and a navy or grey suit are generally appropriate.

In some cases, a dress shirt with a blazer or sports coat can also be considered semi-formal. The blazer may or may not have matching trousers, but the shirt should still be worn with a necktie, and dress shoes are still appropriate.

Casual Wear

Casual menswear is much more relaxed, with items such as chinos, jeans and polos replacing the suit. Accessories, such as belts and shoes, should still be chosen to suit the occasion.

A great thing about casual clothing is that it provides men with more room to experiment and express their personal style. Popular options include colorful shorts, patterned shirts, and brightly colored jackets.


Accesories are an important part of any menswear wardrobe. A few key pieces to consider include:

  • Belts – Belts provide a touch of extra detail to an outfit and coordinate with both dressy and casual looks.
  • Sunglasses – The right pair of shades can help protect your eyes and make a statement.
  • Ties – Ties come in a variety of colors, prints and fabrics and can help add a pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit.
  • Pocket squares – Pocket squares are a fun way to add a subtle bit of color or pattern to a suit or blazer.
  • Hats – A hat is an essential piece of any outfit and can range from a classic trilby to a modern flat cap.

No matter what dress code you’re facing, mens dress clothes provide plenty of options for creating stylish and appropriate outfits. With the right pieces, any man can look his best no matter the occasion.

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