mens dress clothing

mens dress clothing

Men’s Dress Clothing

The modern man needs an array of dress clothing to look his best, depending on the occasion.
Adding one or two of these key pieces to your wardrobe may make you feel confident, polished and attractive.


A suit is essential for formal events, job interviews and most business occasions. Avoid classic black for something more creative, like blue, dark green or brown.
Choose a tailored fit. Aim for a slight V-shape when buttoned, a little excess material in the seat, and the perfect length of sleeves.

Dress Shirt

A crisp, white dress shirt should be the base of any man’s dress wardrobe.
Get one with a slightly longer length, so it stays tucked and you always look sharp.
Look for details such as cufflinks, expanded collar points, and classic placket styles.
Make sure the fit is slim to your body, not tight or billowy.


A blazer is a staple for any occasion. Classics like navy blue and charcoal grey are great options to wear to the office or evening functions.
Look for a slimmer fit that contours to your body and features a modern, minimalistic aesthetic.


Slacks should look and fit as good as a suit, without the traditional shape and construction. Solids or subtle patterns are best, and pick
something slim but not overly slim.


  • Tie – Choose something in a classic knit fabric in a solid color.
  • Shoes – Go for black or brown leather in a classic style. No square toes.
  • Watch – Get a timeless piece that fits your personality.
  • Pocket Square – Go for classic prints or dot patterns.
    • Making sure you have dress clothing that fits well and looks good is a must. Shop around to find the pieces that are best suited for your unique style.

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