quality mens clothing

quality mens clothing

men’s Quality Clothing – Best of Quality Suits, Topcoats and Dress Shoes

Shopping for quality mens clothing can be daunting and expensive. Quality mens clothing, such as suits, topcoats, dress shirts, and dress shoes, are important investments that should be made with the utmost care and research. Higher quality garments, while they may cost a bit more, will look better and last longer than low quality garments.


Quality suits are staples in any adult man’s wardrobe. To ensure a quality suit purchase, look for certain indicators:

  • Fabric: Quality suits are typically made of wool, linen, silk, or cashmere. Make sure to avoid synthetic fabrics.
  • Stitching: Quality suits will have thick, even stitching. The thread should match the color of the suit and should not be tucked away.
  • Lining: The better quality suits will be lined throughout and will have pockets in the lining
  • Buttons: Quality suits should have buttons made of horn, wood, or metal.


For cold weather, it’s important to find a quality top coat that will keep you warm, look stylish, and last for many seasons.

  • Fabric: The best quality topcoats are usually made from wool or cashmere with a lining.
  • Closure: The closure should be a strong zipper, preferably with a flap to cover it and protect your skin from the zipper’s teeth.
  • Fit: When looking for a quality top coat, make sure that it fits. It should not be too tight or too loose and should fall just below or above the knee.
  • Pockets: Quality topcoats should have pockets of superior material and construction.

Dress Shoes

Finding the perfect dress shoes is essential in creating the perfect look. Look for certain details that indicate a quality dress shoes:

  • Leather: Good quality dress shoes are typically made with high quality leather.
  • Stitching: The stitching should be even and tight. It should also match the color of the shoe.
  • Soles: Quality dress shoes should have thicker soles that are meant to last.
  • Lining: The inside should be lined with leather for superior comfort and durability.

When shopping for quality mens clothing, remember to pay attention to the details and research quality brands. Look for thick stitching, top-notch materials, and superior construction. Quality clothing may cost a bit more, but in the end will be a worthwhile investment.

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