should you have to change clothes when men come over

should you have to change clothes when men come over

Should You Have to Change Clothes When Men Come Over?

Most often, when men come over, we want to feel comfortable in our own home and not worry about going out of our way to look presentable for visitors. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not be mindful of what you wear when entertaining visitors in your home.

The Advantages of Changing Clothes

There are numerous advantages to changing clothes when men come over. A few of them include:

Showing respect – Changing your clothes before having a male visitor shows that you respect their visit and want to put in an effort to make them feel comfortable.

Making a good impression – Changing into something more presentable will help you make a good impression on your visitor.

Saving embarrassment – This is especially important if you are expecting someone in a higher position or with a tighter dress code than you have in your own home.

Things to Consider

When deciding whether or not to change clothes when men come over, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Your relationship – It would be expected to dress up for someone like a boss or teacher, but less so for family, close friends or neighbours.
  • The occasion – If the visit is more formal, like a dinner or business meeting, changing is a must.
  • Your own comfort – It’s ok to wear something more presentable but still comfortable, like a dress or a skirt.

Ultimately, whether or not you change clothes when men come over is up to you. While it’s great to be comfortable in your own home, it’s important to show respect and to make a good impression when necessary.

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