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top mens clothing

Top Mens Clothing Trends for 2021

As the fashion landscape continually evolves, it can be challenging to keep up with the top mens clothing trends. Here is your guide to the most popular men’s clothing trends for 2021:

Casual Streetwear

Casual streetwear is trending in 2021 and it shows no signs of fading away. From oversized logo t-shirts to distressed denim and bright coloured joggers, men are embracing the look wholeheartedly. Look for comfortable fabrics, classic fits and pared back colours to find the perfect piece of streetwear.

Luxurious Pieces

Luxury fabrics and statement pieces are elevated in terms of menswear for 2021. Whether it be an overcoat in camel hair or a pair of trousers in a luxurious Merino wool blend, opt for sophistication and quality to stand out from the crowd.

Tailored Shirts and Jackets

Tailoring is still in fashion for 2021, with a clean silhouette and sharp look being sought after by men. Whether it’s a casual blazer, a tailored shirt or a pair of dress pants, look for the perfect fit and timeless pieces to give your wardrobe an elegant update.

Sand and Neutral Tones

Neutral and sand tones are getting a lot of attention this season, with men looking for a classic and timeless aesthetic. Look for timeless pieces that you can wear with multiple looks and easily transition from day to night.

Statement Accessories

A great way to update your wardrobe is with statement accessories. Whether it’s a pair of bold sunglasses or a classic leather belt, accessories can be the perfect way to add a modern spin to classic menswear pieces.

Versatile Base Layers

Versatile base layers are essential for any man’s wardrobe in 2021. Invest in quality staples that can be easily paired with different garments, like plain t-shirts, simple cardigans and lightweight kimono-style jackets.

Stylish Jackets

From the classic trench coat to modern bombers and stylish blazers, jackets will add a layer of style and sophistication to any outfit. Look for timeless pieces that are easy to mix and match with different looks and colours.


These are just some of the top mens clothing trends for 2021. With fashion changing all the time, it can be overwhelming to try and keep up. Just focus on timeless pieces and quality fabrics to build a wardrobe that is stylish and fashionable.

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