what clothing will the queen be buried in

what clothing will the queen be buried in

The Queen’s Burial Clothes

The Queen’s funeral process is a very important event, and every detail is planned. This includes the clothes she will be buried in.

Order of Service

In the Order of Service, it is written that the Queen will be buried in a white dress with a lace mantle and Prince Albert Brooch. This dress is said to be a replica of the one the Queen wore for her coronation in 1953.

Crown Jewels

It is also mentioned that for this occasion, the Crown Jewels will be used as ritual symbols. These include the:

  • Sovereign’s Ring
  • Sovereign’s Sceptre
  • Coronation Ring
  • Gold Rod of Equity or Mercy
  • Imperial State Crown

These Crown Jewels will be placed on Queen’s body as a sign of respect.

Royal Symbolism

Throughout her reign, the Queen used clothes to portray her position as the Head of State. Therefore, the clothes she will be buried in are not just for practical reasons but also for royal symbolism.

The Queeen Pauline will be remembered through the royal legacy left behind. Her burial clothes will be celebrated as a reminder of her dedication to the people of Britain.

The Queen’s funeral will be an honouring of her reign and her burial clothes will be an iconic reminder of a beloved monarch.

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