what do you do with clothes you can’t donate

what do you do with clothes you can’t donate

What To Do With Clothes You Can’t Donate

When you clean out your closet of clothes you don’t wear anymore, you might have the noble urge to donate them. However, if your clothes are too worn or tattered, you may wonder what to do with them instead.

Repurpose Clothes Into New Projects

Rather than tossing out clothes that still have some life left in them, why not repurpose them into new projects? Here are a few ideas:

  • Quilt Pieces: Cut different clothing pieces into small squares to use as the material for a quilt.
  • Toys: Use old shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters as fabric for stuffed animals and pillows.
  • Baskets: Cut strips from jeans and weave them together to create baskets.
  • Shoes: Cut long strips from old T-shirts and wrap them around shoes to make unique sneakers.

Restyle and Reuse

If re-purposing isn’t your thing, you could also try restyling your old clothes. For example, if a dress you used to love feels outdated, take it to a tailor. They might be able to recut it, shorten it, or dye it a new color to bring it back to life. You could also look up a few tutorials online to learn to do simple sewing alterations yourself, saving you money.

Upcycle Clothes

Another option is to upcycle clothes. This means to give an old piece of clothing an artistic flair, like adding patches, sequins, and other decorations. For example, you could choose a pair of jeans with holes in them and put puffy paint designs on them.

Recycle Clothes

Finally, if none of the above inspire you, you could always recycle your clothes. This means sending your clothes to a company that specializes in dissembling and reusing the fabric. Some companies will even provide you with a recycling bag or box to make the process easier.


As you can see, there are many ways to make use of clothes that are too worn or tattered for donation. Whether you choose to repurpose, restyle, upcycle, or recycle them, you can still get a little more use and joy out of them.

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