what does it mean when you dream about clothes

what does it mean when you dream about clothes

What it Means to Dream About Clothes

Often times, dreaming about clothing can provide us with insight into our own physical, emotional, and social being. Depending on the clothing featured in the dream, the interpretation will vary and often contains hidden messages about important parts of our lives. Below are some possible interpretations for dreaming about clothing:

Symbolism of Clothing in Dreams

  • Shabby or torn Clothing: This suggests feeling overwhelmed or stressed in uncontrollable situations. It could signify lacking confidence or feeling carelessly judged by others.
  • Clothes That Aren’t Yours: This could relate to feeling an external pressure or a need to fit in and to be accepted. It could be a sign that you need to put yourself into a new perspective and that the changes will be beneficial.
  • Dirty Clothes: This could suggest feeling anxious and full of dread. It might be related to feeling trapped in a situation and that it’s hard to find a way out.
  • Fashionable or Expensive Clothing: This usually relates to ambition and striving for success, as well as conveying a message of inner happiness or contentment.


Dreams about clothing are often highly personal and provide insight into various aspects of our lives— feeling judged, feeling pressure to conform, worries, anxiety, and striving for success. They can also be a way of helping us celebrate our successes and to focus our thoughts on a positive way forward.

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