what size in men’s clothing can women wear

What Size in Men’s Clothing Can Women Wear?

Men’s clothing sizes have always confused women because of their complicated numerical units. However, despite this, nowaday women can and do wear men’s clothing sizes. So how is it possible to successfully navigate the sizing of men’s items of clothing?

Size Conversions and Measurements

The key to successfully wearing men’s clothing is converting and understanding men’s sizes in terms of numerical measurements. Women’s sizes usually run by the size of their busts, waists, and hips, e.g. a size 8 generally means women with busts sizes of 32-34 inches, a 21 to 23 inches waist, and 34 to 36 inch hips.

Men’s clothing sizes also use numerical measurements, however, it is slightly different to women’s sizing. Firstly, the unit used for measurements is a centimeter (1cm=0.39in). Secondly, men’s measurements typically refer to the length and circumference of their chest, waist, and hip sizes. For example, a men’s size of 48 cm or 96 cm would typically refer to the circumference of their chest or waist should the former be their chest size and the latter their waist size.

Finding Your Size

To successfully shop for men’s clothing, women need to know their sizes in terms of numerical measurements. Women can find this information by taking their own measurements of their chest, waist, and hips. This can be done by measuring the circumference of the same area of the body with a regular measuring tape. Once the measurements are taken, women are able to find the converted equivalent to men’s sizes.

Style and Fit

The fit of clothing is a personal preference, and men’s clothing can sometimes fit differently than women’s due to fit, cut, and tailoring.

Here are a few tips for finding the perfect fit:

  • Be mindful of tailoring as men’s clothing may run larger or longer in length than women’s
  • Pay attention to the materials of the item and get an understanding of how it fits to your body-type
  • Dress for your body-type
  • Don’t shy away from alterations

In summary, women can wear men’s clothing sizes as long as they understand their numerical measurements and make sure they choose clothing that fits their body shape.

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