what soap to use when hand washing clothes

what soap to use when hand washing clothes

Best Soaps for Hand-Washing Clothes

When hand-washing delicate fabrics, it’s all about choosing the right soap. Whether you are aiming to be gentle on fabrics or just looking for the most cost-effective option, here are some of the best choices:

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Liquid laundry detergent is one of the most popular choices for hand-washing delicate items such as lingerie, wool and silk. Laundry detergent is specifically designed to dissolve in water, eliminating any residues that could damage fabrics. You should also look for a product that’s free from optical brighteners—these can turn white fabrics yellow or blue.

Bar Soap

Bar soap can be a good low-cost option. Plain, unscented soap is usually the safest option to prevent harsh, fading odors and dyes. Whichever type you opt for, look for a soap that’s gentle on fabrics.

Gentle Wool Wash

For items made of wool, a special gentle wool wash detergent is recommended. These are designed specifically to treat wools, preserving the fabric and helping protect the shape of the garment.

Things to Look for:

When looking for the right soap for hand-washing, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a low-sudsing detergent- suds can damage some fabrics.
  • Look for a soap that’s free from optical brighteners.
  • Avoid scented products- these can fade or discolor fabrics.
  • Check the ingredients to make sure they are gentle on fabrics.

With the right soap, you can be sure that your delicately-made items will be well cared for. When in doubt, your best bet is to go for a detergent that is designed specifically for hand-washing.

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