what to do when clothes are soaked after washing

Tips For Removing Soaked Clothes After Washing

Often, we wash our clothes and leave them in the washer for too long, only to find them soaked with water after the cycle is complete. Fortunately, there are some easy steps that can be taken to ensure that clothes don’t go from washing to soaking.

Prepare the Washing Machine

The most important step in avoiding soaked clothes is to properly prepare the washing machine. Make sure the water level is set to the correct size for the load of laundry. Also, pay attention to the spin cycle and select the appropriate setting for the size of load.

Remove Clothing Immediately

Once the wash cycle is complete, it is important to take the clothes out of the washer right away. Leaving them in wet conditions increases the chances of them becoming deeply soaked. It is even more important that the clothes be removed in cold cycles as clothes are far more likely to become completely soaked in cold water.

Place Clothes on Towels

When taking the clothes out of the washer, it is best to lay them out on towels or another kind of dry fabric. This helps wick away moisture and reduce the chances of clothes becoming heavily soaked. Additionally, this will help to air dry the clothes faster and keep them from staying in a wet environment for too long.

Tips for Drying Soaked Clothes

  • Place the clothes on a drying rack or hanger: This will allow the clothes to air dry and prevent them from becoming overly saturated.
  • Use a fan: Place a fan in the area where the clothes are drying to help move air and speed up the drying process.
  • Use a clothes dryer: This is usually the fastest way to dry soaked clothes. Make sure to select the drying cycle that is best suited for the type of fabric being dried.

By following these tips, you can effectively remove soaked clothes from the washer and ensure that they are drying quickly and properly. With a little attention and preparation, you can avoid having to deal with soaked clothes in the future.

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