when being weighed how much should men deduct for clothing

when being weighed how much should men deduct for clothing

When Being Weighed How Much Should Men Deduct for Clothing?

Weighing yourself is an important step for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While calculating your weight can provide valuable insight into your health, it pays to consider the extra weight from your clothing when assessing your true weight. Here are a few tips on how to accurately calculate your weight when wearing clothing.

Factors to Consider

When estimating the extra weight from clothes, men should take into account:

  • The Weight of Your Clothes – While the weight of certain clothing items can vary, consider taking off an average of ⅓ of a pound for each piece of clothing. This includes items such as a shirt, trousers and shoes.
  • The Thickness of Your Clothes – Coats, jackets and other thick clothing items can weigh much more than a t-shirt or shorts. Consider taking off an extra pound or two for each outerwear garment.
  • Other Accessories – Other accessories such as hats and gloves should be taken into account as well. If you are wearing a winter coat, hat and gloves, consider taking off an extra two or three pounds.

How to Find Your True Weight

To find your true weight, consider the following steps:

  • Weigh yourself without any clothing first.
  • Take off piece by piece, weighing yourself after each article of clothing is removed. This will help you understand the effect of each item.
  • After removing all the clothing, weigh yourself again to get your true weight.

Clothing Considerations

Although the amount of weight that men need to take off for clothing can vary depending on the type and quantity of clothing worn, a good rule of thumb is to deduct between two and four pounds when wearing clothes. This should give you a more accurate reading when weighing yourself.

Knowing how much to deduct for your clothing when being weighed can greatly improve the accuracy of your weight measurements. By taking the extra time to consider the amount of clothing worn, you can take more effective steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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