when can i wear tight clothing after tattoo

when can i wear tight clothing after tattoo

When Can I Wear Tight Clothing After Getting A Tattoo?

After you decide to get a tattoo, you should take some time to make sure you are properly taking care of it in order to keep it looking its best. One of the most common questions people have is when they can wear tight clothing after getting a tattoo.

Wait At Least 24 Hours

The most important thing to remember is that you should wait at least 24 hours before wearing any tight clothes over a new tattoo. This is because it needs some time to heal and adjusting your clothing over the area can cause pain and further irritation.

Cotton Is Best

Once the 24 hours are up, switching to clothing made up of natural materials such as cotton is the best choice. This type of material is best for a healing tattoo because it is lightweight and breathable, allowing the skin to heal better while avoiding friction with any material that may cause irritation. Additionally, clothing that is tightly fitted such as spandex leggings should be avoided even if the tattoo is healed because it can rub against the tattoo.

Choosing the Proper Size

In addition to using natural fabrics, try to find clothing in the right size for you. Keeping the tattoo exposed to air is key to a proper healing process, so clothing that is not too tight is ideal when it comes to properly caring for a tattoo.

Cleaning Before Dressing

Before putting on any clothing, it is essential to clean the area where the tattoo is. This is important for any new tattoo since dirt may irritate it and such cleaning should be done with antibacterial soap and warm water. After cleaning it, drying it carefully is also important as rubbing a towel against it can remove the scab which may increase the risk of infection.

Overall, properly caring for a tattoo is essential to keeping them looking their best. To make sure that your tattoo is properly healing avoid tight clothing, use natural fabrics, the right size and always make sure it is clean before dressing.

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