when clothing can be men or woman

when clothing can be men or woman

Gender Neutral Clothing

When it comes to fashion, clothing no longer has to be exclusively for one gender or another. Although clothing for women has typically been categorized differently than that for men, with more fluid and inclusive attitudes towards clothing and fashion, a rebellious move away from this gendered fashion has arisen. Through the influx of gender-neutral clothing, it has become possible to wear the same clothing, regardless of your gender.

A Shifting Movement

In recent years there has been an explosion of gender neutral clothing, spurred on by a younger generation pushing boundaries. This generation views clothing not as male or female, but as an expression of oneself and a source of identity, beyond the traditional boundaries.

These “gender-neutral” clothes are often seen as the rebel against traditional fashion, and the new way of shopping no longer revolves around gender categories. Designers have been working with this new wave of fashion, creating clothing that fits neither gender in particular.

Categories of Gender Neutral Clothing

Gender-neutral clothing does not adhere to defined categories and styles, as it is highly variable. This type of clothing provides free reign to explore and express oneself, beyond the male and female archetype.

  • Unisex Clothing – This type of clothing is usually made with the same cuts, fabric, and colour range that fits both genders.
  • Neutral Clothing – Blurring the line between one gender and another, this clothing is neither male nor female and combines characteristics of both.
  • Gender Fluidity – This type of clothing explores a range of gender expression and identity, allowing the wearer to exist outside of just female and male.


Gender-neutral clothing goes beyond the traditional gender stereotypes and allows the wearer to explore their individuality and their identity, unbounded from social expectations. With the progressive attitudes of fashion designers, and the open attitudes of those buying the clothing, gender neutral clothing has the potential to create a better future, where gender is only a label, not a restriction.

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