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Forever 21’s Start Selling Men’s Clothing

Forever 21 one of the world’s leading clothing retailers, start selling apparel and accessories to customers around the world. The company began in 1984 as a small 900-square-foot store in Los Angeles, California, and has since grown to more than 790 stores in 48 countries.

When Did Forever 21 Start Selling Men’s Clothes?

Forever 21 start selling men’s clothing in 2007. Before 2007, the retailer only sold women’s clothing. When the company began offering men’s lines, it opened a 60,000-square-foot store in Hollywood dedicated to its men’s lines.

Forever 21’s Lines for Men

Forever 21 offers a variety of men’s clothing lines, including:

    • Menswear – Suits, dress shirts, and outerwear


    • Activewear – Hoodies, t-shirts, and athletic apparel


    • Streetwear – Graphic t-shirts, jogger pants, and denim


All of Forever 21’s men’s clothing is trendy, fashionable, and affordable, making it a go-to destination for men’s fashion.

Closing Thoughts

Forever 21 start selling men’s clothing in 2007 and has since become a leader in men’s fashion. The company offers a variety of men’s lines, including menswear, activewear, and streetwear. Whether you need a suit for an office meeting or a t-shirt for a weekend hangout, Forever 21 has you covered!

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