when did humans start wearing clothes

when did humans start wearing clothes

When Did Humans First Start Wearing Clothes?

Humans have been wearing clothes for thousands of years, but when did it all begin? While there is no clear answer due to the lack of archeological resources, some educated guesses can be made.

Theory of Evolution

According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the need for clothing may have been driven by the changing climate. Some researchers believe that early humans wearing clothes evolved from primates that were compelled to cover their fur in order to adapt to their environment.

Prehistoric Times

During prehistoric times, clothes were rudimentary and mostly used for protection and decoration. It was during this time that humans used animal skins and plant fibers to make clothing interwoven with decorative beads and shells.

Cave Paintings

one of the oldest pieces of evidence recording the use of clothing are prehistoric cave paintings. The paintings depict humans wearing clothes, believed to be from between 5,000 and 10,000 BCE.

Early Civilizations

Clothes became more complex with the emergence of early civilizations. Weaving was introduced and fabrics made from fibers such as flax and wool were woven and dyed. Ancient Egyptians used clothing to denote different social statuses and the Greeks used it to make political statements.

In modern times, clothing has become a way to express individual style and creativity. With the introduction of fast fashion, the industry has become more diverse and accessible to everyone.


It is impossible to pinpoint the exact time when humans started wearing clothes, but one thing is certain: clothing has evolved in more ways than one throughout history.

The need for clothing to keep warm and dry and to denote social status is still present today, but clothing has also become a way to express individual style and creativity.

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