when did lulu introduce mens clothing

when did lulu introduce mens clothing

When Did Lululemon Introduce Mens Clothing?

Lululemon is famous worldwide for its range of yoga apparel, gear, and accessories for both men and women. Though they were initially only producing clothing and gear intended for female athletes, they eventually opened up their offerings to men as well. The question then is, when did Lululemon introduce mens clothing?

The History of Lululemon Mens Clothing

In 2010, Lululemon made the important decision to start carrying mens clothing and gear. They first released men’s t-shirts, and then gradually expanded their product line over the years to include more items such as:

  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Shirts

Since then, Lululemon has continued to expand and improve their mens clothing line, with newer and better offerings released every year. There is now a wide range of options available, from fitness apparel and gear to even streetwear and outwear.

The Impact of Lululemon Mens Clothing

The introduction of mens clothing has proven to be a great success for Lululemon. Not only has it opened up a more diverse customer base, but it has also allowed them to expand their reach into more male-focused sporting events, activities, and lifestyles.

As a result, Lululemon sales have skyrocketed and their presence in the mens clothing industry has grown exponentially. As more and more men have become interested in their products for all kinds of activities, Lululemon has become an increasingly popular brand for men everywhere.


Today, Lululemon is a global leader in men’s clothing and apparel. All thanks to the decision to introduce mens clothing back in 2010, which has since grown into a hugely successful sector for the company.

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