when did lulu introduce mens clothing

when did lulu introduce mens clothing


Lulu is a retail brand that was first established in Canada in 1995 as a women’s only clothing store. However, it wasn’t until a decade later when Lulu introduced mens clothing to its vast selection of apparel. Ever since, Lulu has gained a substantial male following and has cemented itself as a top retail choice for today’s male shopper.


In 2004, Lulu officially began offering men’s clothing, starting with the release of several key items of clothing. From there, the company quickly grew to offer its customers a wide selection of clothing from casual to activewear, including:

  • Shirts: T-shirts, polo’s, dress shirts
  • Jackets: Lightweight, waterproof
  • Pants: Jeans, casual wear and activewear
  • Accessories: Hats, belts, wallets

In the years since, Lulu has increased its mens offerings even further, ranging from shoes and underwear to swimwear and suits. With its emphasis on quality, comfort, and style, Lulu has become a go-to source for the modern male shopper.


It’s been over 16 years since Lulu first introduced mens clothing, and the company has experienced tremendous success as a result. With its extensive choice of apparel, accessories, and footwear, Lulu is the perfect store for today’s modern man.

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