when did lululemon add mens clothing

when did lululemon add mens clothing

Lululemon Men’s Clothing

Lululemon, the popular Canadian apparel brand, has been focusing mostly on female activewear for many years. However, the brand has recently seen a surge in popularity with the addition of men’s apparel to their range.

Lululemon began offering men’s clothing in 2016 with a small range of items. The clothing was focused around sportswear and they also had a range of casual and lifestyle apparel to suit the needs and tastes of customers. The range was quickly expanded in 2017 with the additions of activewear, running clothing and loungewear. It was well-received by customers who loved the comfort and quality of the clothing.

Unique Features

What sets the Lululemon line of men’s clothing apart from the rest is its focus on innovative technology and materials. Most of their clothing is made with abrasion-resistant ‘Tech Skin’ which is designed to provide maximum durability. They also ensure an athlete’s performance is at its peak with targeted cut and ventilation technology.

They also provide a range of accessories to complete the look, from bags to trainers, hats and jackets.

Quality Comfort and Style

What customers enjoy about Lululemon Men’s clothing is its combination of comfort, quality and style. All pieces are designed to be lightweight and breathable, and the range has something for everyone. It is also designed with recognizable details and classic cuts that look good both in and out of the gym.

The brand also focuses on quality materials that are made to last. Most clothing is also treated with anti-odour technology so they remain fresh, even during intense workouts.

Popular Items

Some of the most popular items from the Lululemon men’s line are:

  • Q Stretch Shorts: These stylish shorts are designed to provide complete freedom of movement. They feature laser-cut perforations and a drawstring waist.
  • Rinse & Repeat Shorts: These lightweight shorts are designed with quick-drying fabric to – making them perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Relaxed Tee: This classic-fit t-shirt offers unrestricted movement while providing quality comfort with its lightweight fabric.
  • Relaxed Hoodie: This fleece-lined hoodie also offers unrestricted movement and is perfect for layering when it’s cold.


Lululemon Men’s clothing has come a long way since the brand began offering it in 2016. Now, the range is focused on providing quality comfort and style for all occasions. With its breathable and lightweight fabrics, innovative technologies and a large range of styles and accessories, it’s no wonder that the brand is becoming increasingly popular among men everywhere.

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