when did lululemon start making men’s clothes

when did lululemon start making men’s clothes

When Did Lululemon Start Making Men’s Clothes?

Since 1998, Lululemon has been producing quality yoga-inspired athletic apparel for women. However in the past few years they have expanded their offerings to include clothing for men. More and more guys are sporting lululemon, across all age and activity levels. However the question remains, when did lululemon start making men’s clothes?

The Expansion to Men’s Athletic Wear

In 2013, lululemon officially launched a men-focused athletic line. It was a big departure from the company’s core woman’s line that had been its bread and butter up until this point. Aimed at meeting the needs of athletes training for performance, the men’s line features a new fit and feel, with more room in the crotch and butt area as well as longer shorts and sleeves. The line presents guys with the same quality fabric and design that lululemon has provided women for years.

The Men’s Collection

Offerings for Men include:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Accessories

The current line of men’s wear provides items fit for every active lifestyle and for all sorts of outdoor activities, from running to surfing, mountain climbing and even day-to-day wear.

Men’s Line is Here to Stay

Lululemon’s men’s line has proved to be a success. Many guys have embraced the move to lulu, describing it as a very comfortable athletic wear. With such a positive response and the rising demand in men’s athletic apparel, it is safe to say that this line is here to stay, and is sure to keep growing.

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