when did maurices stop selling mens clothes

when did maurices stop selling mens clothes

When did Maurice’s Stop Selling Men’s Clothes?

Maurice’s, a clothing store chain founded in 1931 and focused on women’s fashion, stopped selling men’s clothing in 1998. The company lasted until 2018, when they were bought out by Dress Barn, but they never returned to selling men’s apparel.

What Led to the Change?

Maurice’s chose to switch up their focus in 1998 in order to focus more on their core demographic: young women. The company shifted from selling men’s clothing to women’s casual apparel and accessories.

At the time, specialty mall retailers for juniors, such as Wet Seal and Gadzooks, were gaining ground. Maurice’s saw an opportunity in this shift and took the chance to realign the company’s focus to reach its target market more effectively.

What was the Outcome?

The decision paid off, as Maurice’s saw a steady increase in sales over the next two decades. The company continued to expand its catalog of casual apparel and accessories to target its demographic of young adult women.

By 2004, the company had opened its first Plus stores, as well as launching an “All XtraSize” campaign, which received a strong response from its customers and allowed the company to grow further.

Today, Maurice’s has over 800 stores across the United States and Canada and continues to focus primarily on providing apparel for young women.


In 1998, Maurice’s chose to stop selling men’s clothing in order to focus better on its core target audience of young adult women. This decision allowed the company to grow and expand over the last two decades, becoming one of the most successful specialty mall retailers today.

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