when did rulpaul start coming out in mens clothing

when did rulpaul start coming out in mens clothing

When Did RuPaul Start Coming Out in Men’s Clothing?

RuPaul Charles, the American actor and drag queen, has been an LGBTQ icon for decades. From the moment RuPaul began their career, they have been a powerful influence on how Drag Queens and the LGBTQ+ community are viewed in pop culture.

Early Career:

RuPaul’s career began in the 1980s. They had a short-lived career in the music industry, and became a popular figure in the nightclub scene in Atlanta, New York City, and Los Angeles. RuPaul initially dressed as their drag queen character in women’s attire.

Branching Out:

RuPaul began experimenting with menswear in the 1990s. They wore androgynous clothing and paired ties with split skirts. The drag queen embraced the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine clothing and quickly became an icon for the gender-bending community.

Style Evolution:

As RuPaul rose to fame in the 2000s, they showcased more and more menswear. They embraced a tailored, classic style, with a fully masculine wardrobe. From bespoke suits to skinny ties, RuPaul pushed the boundaries of gender expression and became a symbol for LGBTQ+ visibility.
RuPaul’s influence and impact on menswear continues to this day. As the drag queen continues to embrace their identity and speak out for LGBTQ+ rights, their influence will continue to make an impact on the fashion and media industry for years to come.

Style Takeaways:

RuPaul has been a trendsetter in menswear for decades, teaching us to embrace our unique style and push the boundaries of gender expression. Here are a few takeaways from RuPaul’s style:

  • Embrace androgynous fashion. RuPaul mixes and matches clothing to create a unique look that blurs the gender boundaries.
  • Wear clothing that fits your identity. RuPaul demonstrates how clothing can be used as a form of self-expression.
  • Have confidence. RuPaul has always been confident and unafraid to showcase their true self.

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