when did women wearing mens clothes take off

when did women wearing mens clothes take off

When did Women Start Wearing Mens Clothes?

Women wearing mens clothes has evolved greatly over the years. From the days of upper class women wearing their husband’s clothes in the late 1800s to modern day women proudly donning tailored suits, the female wardrobe is full of variety. But what was it about the trend that made it so popular?

The Rise of the New Woman

The early twentieth century saw a changing landscape for gender roles, as a rise in feminism swayed opinions about what is socially acceptable for women to wear in public. It was during this period that loose-fitting, full-length garments made for men became the modern, contemporary look that began to shape the shape of women’s dress.

Why choose menswear?

At this time, women’s fashion was extremely restricting, as corset-clad corsets and petticoats made movement difficult and cumbersome. By choosing men’s style clothing, women could ditch the confining fabrics and unreachable hemlines and be seen in more practical and sensible attire.

The look was attractive, sturdy and could be tailored to fit a variety of shapes. Plus, the more androgynous clothing made it easier for women to take part in sports and activities they wouldn’t have been otherwise able to do.

Menswear as fashion statement

Not only was menswear practical, but it also had a subtle cool factor. The oversized trousers and trousers with larger pockets allowed women to accessorize; this style eventually inspired iconic figures like Coco Chanel and her famous “little black dress”.

Even today, women everywhere are continually experimenting with masculine-inspired styles. Designers create pieces that reflect menswear trends, comfortably combining traditional fabrics with an edge to create fashionable and modern looks.


Women wearing mens clothes has come a long way since it first became fashionable. Thankfully, women have the choice to wear whatever style suits their tastes and still feel fashionable, empowered, and free from confined clothing. Now, from classic silhouettes to modern flair, women are rocking their favorite menswear looks.

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