when do spring clothes come out

when do spring clothes come out

When Do Spring Clothes Come Out?

Every year, the arrival of spring marks the beginning of a new season, bringing with it warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and, of course, new fashion trends hitting the shelves. But, when do spring clothes come out, exactly?

When Are Spring Clothes Releasing This Year?

Unlike in most years, the 2020 launch of new spring fashion lines is a bit delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The exact rollout of clothing lines varies by retailer, but typically, US stores start rolling out their spring collections in mid-February. This year, however, many retailers are predicting the rollouts will begin in April or May.

What to Look for in Spring 2020 Fashions

This year’s spring looks are no doubt influenced by the era’s current circumstances. Here are some of the top trends to look out for if you’re freshening up your wardrobe for the spring season:

  • Girly Style: Look for figure-hugging mini-dresses, headbands, and lots of girly prints.
  • Born to Be Wild: Cowboy fashion is wildly popular this year, featuring items such as wide-brimmed hats, slouchy boots, and of course, plenty of animal prints.
  • Edo Renaissance: Look out for classic kimono-inspired jackets, obi belts, and other traditional Japanese inspired pieces.
  • Stay at Home Chic: Key pieces like oversized sweatshirts, cozy knitwear, and lounge sets will keep you comfy and stylish while you’re at home.
  • Pretty in Prints: Bold and colourful prints are a must for those who are looking for a fun, stylish look this season.

When the typical spring season might look a bit different this year, fashion retailers everywhere are now preparing their 2020 spring collections and making sure they are up to meet their customers’ changing needs. Whether you’re into the nostalgic vibes of Cowboy fashion, the principles of Edo Japanese style, or need something comfy to stay in while working from home, the new range of spring clothes has something for everyone.

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