when is va clothing allowance paid

when is va clothing allowance paid

When is VA Clothing Allowance Paid?

Many veterans may not realize they have the opportunity to receive a clothing allowance for needed items if their disability affects their clothing needs. The VA Department of Veteran Affairs will pay for the clothing and accessories that are caused by a service-connected disability. It is available to veterans receiving compensation from the VA.

Eligibility Criteria

Veterans with service-connected disabilities must qualify first to receive the clothing allowance. Eligibility demands that a disability is rated at 10% or higher for individuals, or for those living in a facility, the disability must be at least 20%.

Payment Schedule

The VA sends out payment of the clothing allowance on an annual basis. For veterans already receiving compensation, the allowance is automatically put into their account and paid out each October 1 as a lump sum payment. A veteran may also receive an additional payment in April if they are approved for expedited claims or appeals.

Items Covered Under the Clothing Allowance

The following items are typically covered under the VA Clothing Allowance:

  • Protective and corrective footwear – orthopedic shoes, prescriptive riding boots, inserts, half sizes, and any other specialty items must be prescribed by a doctor
  • Clothing – jackets, overcoats, boots, and rainwear to protect against any weather elements
  • Other Accessories – hearing protection devices, arm and leg braces, and wheelchairs

The VA does require that all items must be fully documented and include an itemized receipt from an authorized retailer. All invoices must bear the date of purchase, the item name, price and store name. The purchases must be made within 12 months of the original allowance payment.

Veterans who are eligible for VA Clothing Allowance should take full advantage of this opportunity to ensure they have the necessary clothing items due to their unique service-connected disability. The VA will review each claim on a case-by-case basis to assess eligibility for this one-time annual payment.

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