when should i start buying maternity clothes

when should i start buying maternity clothes

When Should I Start Buying Maternity Clothes?

Preparing for a new baby is a busy time – and that includes stocking up on maternity wear. Knowing when to buy maternity clothes is a tricky question, since it depends on your individual situation. Here are a few tips to help you figure out when you should start making your maternity wardrobe.

Pay Attention to Your Body

The first thing to do is pay attention to your body. Do you feel your clothes are starting to feel tight? Is your waistband becoming uncomfortable? If so, then it might be time to start shopping for some maternity clothes. You don’t need to buy a full wardrobe right away; it may be a better idea to start small and purchase a few items to see you through the first few weeks.

Know What Will Be Most Useful

You can expect to grow out of your clothes quite quickly during pregnancy, but what kind of clothes will you need? Think about what you’re planning to do with your days and choose items that will be comfortable for you. Some maternity must-haves to consider include:

  • Leggings – These will help you stay comfortable during those later months, especially if you’re going to be doing physical activities.
  • Tops – As your bump grows, you’ll find yourself reaching for comfortable, over-the-bump tops or button up shirts.
  • Jeans – Look for adjustable waistbands and elasticated jeans so your bump stays supported.
  • Underwear – You can find specially designed maternity panties and bras which have more support and stretch to accommodate the growing baby bump.
  • Nightwear – Look for nightgowns or PJ’s with an elastic waistband and loose-fitting designs for extra comfort.

Shop for Bigger Items Later

You may find yourself needing bigger items such as dresses later in your pregnancy, when your bump is more pronounced. Don’t feel like you have to buy them all at once; only buy the items that you need when you need them.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when to buy maternity clothes largely depends on you. Only when you’re ready to buy should you start browsing for the perfect items. Expect to grow out of your clothes quite quickly, so be sure to get a few pieces each time you shop.

Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy journey!

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