when was pink clothes ok for men

when was pink clothes ok for men

When Was it Okay for Men to Wear Pink Clothing?

It was not until very recently that it became considered fashionable and acceptable for men to wear clothing of a traditionally “feminine” color such as pink. In many cultures, wearing pink has been historically seen as a breach in gender norms, that ultimately deem it as “not okay” for men to be seen in pink attire. It is only in the past ten years or so that men wearing the color pink has become more and more common.

Historical Attitudes Towards Men Wearing Pink

In the nineteenth century, specifically, wearing pink for men was associated with effeminacy. This resulted in it becoming an unacceptable color for men’s clothing. To stand out from the crowd, some rebellious men would still wear pink from time to time in an effort to oppose societal norms.

In more recent decades, although it had become more acceptable for men to wear pale colors like pastel pink and baby blue, the stigma still remained around wearing any color of pink in clothing. This was especially present in the late 20th century when the concept of ‘masculinity’ was closely associated with very conventionally ‘macho’ colors and looks.

The Modern Day Take on Men Wearing Pink

Apart from certain cultural and religious dress codes, pink nowadays is beginning to be seen as a gender-neutral color. In mainstream fashion, especially in the last decade, both male and female models can be frequently seen wearing varying shades of pink, making it common throughout the fashion industry.

The modern era has also seen an increase in gender expression and questioning of societal norms. Wearing whatever bright colors they like has become more commonplace and socially acceptable. Additionally, some men enjoy being able to express themselves through fashion in ways that may have been more difficult to do before the wave of gender fluidity.


Overall, although there is still some opposition to men in pink clothing, it is becoming increasingly acceptable for men to wear pink. Men of all genders have more freedom than ever before to express themselves through clothing, especially when it comes to gender-defying colors like pink. In conclusion, it is becoming more and more socially acceptable for men to choose pink clothing.

Key Points:

  • In the nineteenth century, wearing pink for men was associated with effeminacy, making it unacceptable.
  • In more recent decades, it became more accepted for men to wear pale colors such as pastel pink.
  • Nowadays pink is becoming increasingly accepted as gender-neutral, with men and women of all genders freely wearing it.

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