when was the clothes dryer invented

when was the clothes dryer invented

The Invention of the Clothes Dryer

The invention of the clothes dryer has revolutionized the way we deal with laundry. It has allowed us to drastically reduce the time needed to dry garments, making laundering far more efficient and cost-effective. But when was the clothes dryer first invented?

Origin of the Clothes Dryer

The first electric clothes dryers were invented by American inventor J. Ross Moore in 1892. Moore aimed to create a faster way to dry wet clothes, inspired by the washing machines of the same era. Moore’s design featured a rotating drum powered by an electric motor, heating coils, and a series of switches and dials. It was the first electric-powered clothes dryer to be widely used.

Further Developments

The design of the electric clothes dryer has seen further improvements over the years. In the 1930s, electric dryers became cheaper and more widely available, gaining popularity among households. In the 1950s, automatic timers were introduced to the design, allowing for greater accuracy in drying times. In the 1970s, further features such as a heat sensor and fabric softener dispenser became available.

Modern Clothes Dryers

Today, electric clothes dryers come with a variety of features, including:

  • Temperature Control: adjustable temperature settings to ensure the perfect drying cycle.
  • Moisture Sensors: sensors to detect the humidity of the drum, allowing for precise and effective drying.
  • Power Saving Options: energy efficient motors and heat settings to save money on electricity costs.

These features have allowed modern electric clothes dryers to become more efficient than ever before, using less energy while still ensuring optimal drying performance.


From its original design in 1892, the electric clothes dryer has come a long way. Further developments and improvements over the years have allowed for greater accuracy and efficiency in drying clothes, making them an essential part of the household laundry routine.

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