when washing clothes what colors go together

when washing clothes what colors go together

Wash Clothes With Similar Colors

Washing clothes can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but following a few basic rules can help make it easier and ensure that your clothes look their best. One of the most important steps for proper laundry is to sort your clothes according to color. Separating clothes by color helps to prevent accidental color bleeding and can help to keep your whites whiter and your colors brighter.

Separate Lights and Darks

The most important thing to remember for washing clothes is to separate your load into dark and light clothes. This is especially important when it comes to jeans, since dark jeans contain dyes that can easily bleed into lighter items, like whites or pastels.

Do not Mix Colors

When it comes to pairing colors in the same load, it is always safest to wash items of related colors. Keep similar colors of clothing together, such as purples and other blues, reds and pinks, or oranges and yellows. Do not mix and match colors that may easily bleed into each other, like blues and greens.

Choose the Appropriate Wash Cycle

In addition to separating your loads by color and type, it is important to select the appropriate laundry cycle. Delicate items such as lingerie, rayon, and spandex should be washed on a gentle cycle or by hand and even hung to dry. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, should also be washed on a gentle cycle.

Follow These Tips for Successful Laundry

  • Sort clothes by color: Lights and Darks.
  • Never mix colors that might bleed into one another.
  • Choose the appropriate washing cycle for different fabrics.
  • Wash whites and bright colors separately.
  • Delicates should always be washed on a gentle cycle.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry, depending on the fabric type.

Following these simple tips for washing clothes by color can help you keep your clothes looking brighter and lasting longer. Remember to sort clothes carefully, pay attention to the recommended washing cycles for your fabrics, and never mix colors that might run or bleed. You’ll soon have freshly washed and bright clothes to enjoy!

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