when washing clothes what colors go together

when washing clothes what colors go together

Washing Clothes: What Colors Go Together?

With a world of fashion options and different clothing items to choose from, knowing which colors go together and how to treat them when washing is a key component of keeping your wardrobe looking great and lasting a long time.

Important tips to consider

  • Dark-colored clothes:
    Darker dirt shows up more prominently on darker colored clothes. To keep them looking brand new, always use cold water when washing. Additionally, turn them inside out when you put them in the washer.
  • Brighter-colored clothes:
    Brightly colored items are more prone to bleeding and fading. Be sure to add something to the wash like vinegar to help set the dye and reduce color bleeding. Additionally, wash them in cool water and add a color-safe bleach if needed.
  • Jeans:
    Wash jeans inside out with cold water. This helps preserve the color and reduces fading. With the cold water setting, you also help to prevent your jeans from shrinking.
  • Mixing colors:
    Mixing colors is a tricky thing as it depends on the type of fabric and the intensity of color. Bright colors, such as reds and oranges, should never mix as they tend to bleed. It’s best to err on the side of caution and wash items separately according to color levels.


In summary, knowing how to properly wash clothes and what colors go together can extend the life of your wardrobe significantly. Pay attention to the intensity of color, the types of fabric, and the temperature of the water – a few minutes of preparation now can save you time, effort and heartache down the line.

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