when washing clothes what colors go together

when washing clothes what colors go together

When Washing Clothes: What Colors Go Together?

It is important to know the proper way to wash clothing in order to keep them in the best shape and to ensure that colors don’t bleed between garments. Here are some tips to help you keep your clothes looking their best:

Seperating by Color

  • Separate clothes by color: Light colors such as whites, pastels, etc should be washed separately from dark colors such as blacks, navy blues, purple, etc. You should also be careful to separate bright colors from other bright colors (e.g. don’t mix reds with oranges or greens with yellows).
  • Double check the clothing tags: Take a few moments to read the clothing tags and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing. Some garments may have specific directions that vary from the guidelines below.

Washing Options

  • Hand-wash Delicates: If a garment is labeled as ‘Delicate’ or ‘Hand-wash’, you should always be sure to wash this separately using cool water and a mild detergent.
  • Cold Water Wash: For most clothes, you should use cold water. Hot water can shrink, discolor, and break down fibers without proper care.
  • Gentle Cycle: Always use a gentle cycle when washing clothes in the washing machine. This helps to ensure that the clothes are being washed gently and not exposed to too much wear and tear.
  • Dry on Low Heat: Once the clothes are washed and dried, it is best to dry them using a low heat setting. This will help preserve the shape and color of the fabrics.


In conclusion, when washing clothes it is important to take the time to separate colors, read garment tags, use cold water, the gentle cycle, and low-heat drying. By following these guidelines, you will help keep your clothes looking their best for a longer period of time!

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