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How to Washing Clothes Colours Correctly

Do you ever have trouble remembering what colors can go together when washing clothes? Fear not, the following tips will help you to make the correct decisions when it comes to sorting and washing colors.

Step 1: Identify Whether Your Clothes are Light or Dark

The first step is to correctly identify the lighter and darker colors in your washing. This will help you to separate the items into the necessary categories.

Step 2: Creating Sorting Categories

    • Whites and Undyed Items: This includes items such as sheets, towels, and underwear without any dye.
    • Light Colours: This includes items such as white t-shirts, pale blues, and light colors.
    • Dark Colours: This includes items such as dark blue jeans and black t-shirts.
    • Colored Items: This includes any items that have been dyed, such as pink shirts or yellow socks.


Step 3: Wash Together Similar Colours

Once colors have been sorted in the above categories, it is time to begin washing. Remember to wash lighter colors separately from darker colors, to avoid color bleed.

    • Whites and Undyed Items: These can be washed together.
    • Light Colours: These can also be washed together.
    • Dark Colours: These should be washed separately from light colors.
    • Colored Items: These should also be washed separately.


Step 4: Separate Clothes When Washing

When it comes to laundry, it is best to avoid putting light colors in with dark colors altogether. This is because some dark colors can bleed dye, which could cause discoloration of the lighter clothes.

Step 5: Check the Washing Instruction Labels

Remember, the most important thing when washing clothes together is to always check the care labels of the items you want to wash together for any special instructions. This will ensure that you are washing correctly and not causing any damage to your garments.

This article was meant to give you some basic tips on what colors can go together when washing clothes. To ensure that your clothes stay in the best condition and colors do not bleed onto each other, read the care labels and follow the steps mentioned above!

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