when were clothes invented

when were clothes invented

The History of Clothing

The history of clothing dates back about 7,000 years to the beginning of human civilization. It is believed that clothing was first created when people began to use animal skins to keep warm and protect themselves from adverse conditions. This process eventually led to the creation of sewn clothing made from animal hides and plant fibers as early as 28,000 BC.

Neolithic Period

During the Neolithic Period (10,000-3,000 BC), clothing became more decorative and was used for both practical and ceremonial purposes. This period saw the creation of the first woven fabrics and the development of looms, which allowed for the creation of a variety of different textures and patterns. Animal skins were still the main material used for creating clothing, but plant fibers such as flax, cotton, and hemp were also popular materials.

Ancient Civilizations

During the Ancient Civilization Era, clothes were used to reflect status, wealth, and religious or spiritual beliefs. During the Indus Valley Civilization (2500-1500 BC), clothes were relatively simple but diverse, and were made from natural materials such as cotton and wool. The Ancient Greeks and Romans heavily influenced fashion in Europe and the Middle East, bringing the use of dyes, embroidery, and more intricate designs.

Medieval Period

The Middle Ages saw a shift in the types of clothing worn and developed more complex patterns and styles. Sumptuary laws were also introduced, which dictated the types of clothing that could be worn by citizens of different classes and social standings. Clothes during this period were also used to portray messages and political statements, and bright colors and fabrics were used to make statements.

Modern Clothing

Modern clothing is made from a variety of materials, including synthetics and natural fibers. Clothing has evolved to a fashion industry that focuses on creating clothing for style rather than utilitarian purposes. New technology has changed the way clothes are made, such as with computer-aided machine embroidery and laser-cutting techniques.


Clothing has come a long way since its origins in early civilizations. Clothing has been used to convey messages, express status and wealth, and as an artistic medium. The invention of clothes changed the way people interacted with each other and with their environment, and continues to influence our lives today.

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