where can i buy men’s tall clothing

where can i buy men’s tall clothing

Where Can Men Buy Tall Clothing?

Tall men often have a hard time finding clothing that fits. Whether it’s tops too short in the arms, trousers showing ankle or jackets not long enough – the problem is frustrating, and all too common. But never fear; Our guide is here to help you, the tall man, find stylish, comfortable and well-fitting clothes that you’ll love.

Online Stores

The online shopping world has really come in to its element when it comes to tall men’s clothing, with dozens of different sites selling clothes in tall specific sizes. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Bigtallorder.com – This store specializes in tall clothing, footwear and accessories, with specialty sizes up to 48″ waist and 5XL+ tops.
  • LongtallSally.com – The destination store for men who are 6’3″/190cm or taller, also featuring hard to find clothing items like 35″ leg jeans and over-size shoes up to UK14.
  • Layger.com – this US store specializes in clothes for 6’4″/193cm and larger men, with extended sleeve lengths and a range of longer length coats, pants and shorts for taller torso lengths.

Specialty Department Stores and Big Brands

Whilst there are plenty of options for tall men online, you can also find tall specific items in stores as well. Here are a few brands to check out:

  • ASOS – This online giant’s “Tall” range offers stylish and on-trend clothes with a longer torso fit.
  • Topman – This high street store has a extensive tall range with clothes up to 36″ waist and 36″ leg trousers.
  • River Island – River Island offers an impressive tall range with perfectly proportioned styles for bigger height men.

Tailor it Yourself

Finally a good solution for tall men is to tailor their own clothes. Find a tailor who can replace buttons and cuffs for shirts, or restitch seams or add fabric at the back of jackets or trousers. This way you can get the perfect fit with existing clothing.

Wherever you choose to shop, enjoy finding the perfect fit!

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