where can i buy microfiber cloth

where can i buy microfiber cloth

Where Can I Buy Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloths are one of the best cleaning tools for delicate surfaces such as glass, computer screens, TVs and TVs. They’re incredibly absorbent, soft, gentle and reusable. It’s no wonder so many people are asking “where can I buy microfiber cloth?”

Microfiber Cloth Shopping Options

There are several places you can find microfibers cloths:

  • In Store: Many local stores such as home goods, department stores and even auto parts stores sell microfiber cloths. Prices vary, depending on the store but you can often find a good deal.
  • Online: There are online stores that specifically specialize in microfiber cloths, as well as a wide range of online retailers that sell them. Buying online usually allows you to compare prices from various stores and get the best deal.
  • DIY: You can even make your own cloth! All you need is some polyester or polyamide fabric with a tight weave – the smaller the better. Cut it into 5cm by 15cm strips, wash in cold water with a mild detergent and tumble dry as normal.

Best Practices When Cleaning with Microfiber Cloth

To get the most out of your cloth and make sure it lasts, it’s important to follow the best practices when using it to clean.

  • Dust and dirt should be dampened with a damp cloth or sprayed with a cleaning solution prior to using the microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Start cleaning in one corner and work your way out in straight lines.
  • Always use dry microfiber cloths to polish surfaces. If a wet cloth is used, the moisture may leave streaks.
  • Make sure to change cleaning cloths regularly, to avoid spreading contaminants.


Microfiber cloths are the ideal cleaning tool for soft surfaces such as glass, computer screens and TV screens. They are absorbent, soft, gentle and reusable. You can easily find these cloths in local stores, online stores and even make your own. When using them, make sure to follow the best practices to get the best results and keep your cloth in top condition.

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