where can i buy stevie nicks style clothing

where can i buy stevie nicks style clothing

How to Get Stevie Nicks’ Signature Style

Stevie Nicks is not just a legendary singer and rock star, but also a fashion icon. She has an unmistakable boho style that’s been influencing fashion since 1970. If you want to look like Stevie, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can get her amazing style:

Head to the Right Shops

To get Stevie Nicks’ signature look, you’ll want to head to the shops she frequents. Check out:

  • Anthropologie – for boho dresses and flowy tops.
  • Free People – for vintage-inspired, hippie looks.
  • Urban Outfitters – for on-trend accessories that work great with Stevie’s style.

You can also find some great vintage items at charity shops or thrift stores. Try to look for things with lots of details like lace, tassels, and long, flowing fabrics.


Accessories are key to achieving Stevie’s look. Look for wide brimmed hats, multiple scarves, loads of glittery jewelry, big sunglasses, and cowboy boots.

Don’t forget to wear plenty of make-up too! Her look consists of long, dark lashes, bold brows, and dark, smoky eyes.

Dress to Impress

Now you have the right pieces and accessories, it’s time to put together the perfect outfit. Combine different fabrics to create a truly unique look, and remember to layer up with lots of scarves and jewelry.

You can also add an element of drama by wearing long maxi dresses or skirts. And of course, you’ll need a pair of beautiful, statement boots to tie it all together.

And Finally…

To achieve the most authentic look, try to channel Stevie’s commitment to boldness, femininity, and individuality. With these tips, you’ll be looking just like her in no time!

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