where can i donate clothes for money near me

where can i donate clothes for money near me

Donating Clothes for Money Near You

Are you looking to shed some unwanted items in your home while also making a bit of money? Look no further than donating clothes for money near where you live. Charities such as Savers and Salvation Army will help you accomplish your goal and receive payment for the items you donate.

Where Can I Donate Clothes For Money?

When it comes to donating clothes for money, the two major organizations that take these donations are Savers and Salvation Army.

  • Savers has over 275 stores nationwide, allowing you to easily donate your items. Once approved, you will get a tax receipt and receive a payment in the form of a check or store credit.
  • The Salvation Army has been helping people since war times. Your donations will go towards providing assistance in communities around the world. Moreover, they also offer a tax receipt and a payment for the items you donate.

How Can I Donate Clothes For Money?

  • First, find the closest Savers or Salvation Army donation center using their website or an online search.
  • Second, make sure the items you plan to donate are in good condition and not damaged or worn out. These organizations accept anything from furniture, clothes, electronics, and toys.
  • Third, contact the organization to get a tax receipt and payment information.
  • Lastly, drop off your items at the closest donation center and receive your payment!

By donating clothes for money, you are not only helping the environment but also giving back to society. These organizations provide essential help to people in need and by donating your items, you can make a big difference. So, what are you waiting for? Find a donation center near you and start donating!

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