where can i donate clothes for ukraine refugees near me

where can i donate clothes for ukraine refugees near me

Donating Clothes to Ukraine Refugees Near You

The refugee crisis in Ukraine has caused many individuals and families to flee their homeland in search of physical and spiritual security. One way that you can make a difference is to donate clothes to Ukraine refugees near you. Here are some great resources to get you started:

Local Charities and Organizations

  • Red Cross: The Red Cross offers a clothing donation program specifically for Ukraine refugees. Contact your local chapter to find out how to donate.
  • World Vision: World Vision is accepting both monetary and clothing donations for Ukraine refugees. Depending on what you are able to donate, World Vision may also provide transportation.
  • Salvation Army: The Salvation Army has an ‘Ukraine Refugee Relief Program’ which accepts donations of new or used clothing. They’ll even come to pick up your donations if you’re unable to take them yourself.
  • Catholic Charities: Catholic Charities has centers across the country that accept clothing donations for refugees. You can search on their website for your local center.


  • eBay for Charity: eBay for Charity is a platform that allows you to donate clothes to Ukraine refugee relief projects. You can donate straight from your home and eBay will take care of the delivery.
  • Google Shopping: Google Shopping has a page dedicated to Ukraine refugee relief. Here you can find items to purchase which will be sent directly to displaced people in Ukraine.
  • Clothing Donations: Clothing Donations has a website dedicated to helping those in need. You can arrange to have them pick up any clothes you’d like to donate, or you can have them shipped directly.

Donating clothes to Ukraine refugees makes a huge impact on the lives of those in need. Whether you donate locally or online, your donations will help make a difference.

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