where can i donate clothes that won’t be sold

where can i donate clothes that won’t be sold

Where Can I Donate Clothes That Won’t Be Sold?

When it comes to donating clothing and other household items, you may have some ethical concerns about where your donations end up. Many big chain charities auction off donated items as a way to generate income, which can be seen as a valid use of funds, however, you may want to donate your items without the worry of them being sold. Fortunately, there are several places that accept donations and guarantee your items will not be resold.

Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters:

Homeless and domestic violence shelters provide clothing to individuals in need and their families, who may not have the resources to purchase the items themselves. It is important that these donations be in good condition and relevant to the weather of the area they will be distributed in. Contact your local shelters to discuss their specific needs and whether they accept other household items as well.

Families in Crisis:

Sometimes families find themselves in difficult financial circumstances due to unforeseen events, such as medical bills, job loss or natural disasters. Reaching out to your community can often yield tremendous results. Reach out to acquaintances and colleagues to see if any of their family or friends are experiencing a situation that requires assistance. Donating items at this level can often contribute to tangible and immediate change in another person’s life.

Considerate Crafting:

If you have crafty skills and some time to spare, there are plenty of crafty ways to repurpose your donated items (or your own supplies) so that they can still be given to people in need in your community. Wherever you are considering donating, ask them if they accept hand-crafted items. Some ideas include:

  • Turn an old t-shirt into a tote bag. All you need is scissors, a needle and thread (or fabric glue) and some creativity.
  • Knit a warm hat and scarf set. Wool and acrylic yarns are often the softest and most affordable yarns to use.
  • Create a baby blanket from a large and soft shirt. Sew a simple, cozy baby blanket and tie the corners with a pretty ribbon.

Arts and crafts can be a great way to still be charitable without the worry of someone making a profit off of your generous gifts.

No matter where your donations end up, it is important to be honest about the condition of the items you are donating. Providing accurate information will ensure the items can be put to the best possible use. So if you are looking for a place to donate clothes without worrying about them being resold, the above locations may be a great way to give back.

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