where can i donate clothes to foster care

where can i donate clothes to foster care

Where to Donate Clothes to Foster Care

Putting your no-longer-needed clothing to good use is a great way to provide support for foster children and foster families. Here are few well-known organizations that accept donations of clothing, blankets and other items specifically aimed at helping foster children and parents:

Foster Closet Program

The Foster Closet Program is part of the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA). The Foster Closet Program provides clothing and household items to help foster parents and their foster children.

  • Where: The foster closet program is currently located in 22 states and send items nationwide.
  • How to donate: Clothing items can be mailed in new or gently used condition to one of the foster closet locations.

The Baby Box Company

The Baby Box Company supplies “baby boxes” filled with essential items to foster parents to provide their foster child with basic needs during their first few months.

  • Where: The Baby Box Company operates nationwide.
  • How to donate: Donations can be mailed directly to The Baby Box Company or can be dropped off at a satellite location.

Project Night Night

Project Night Night sends care packages of new books, blankets, and stuffed animals to children experiencing homelessness or transition.

  • Where: The Project Night Night program operates in over 60 U.S cities.
  • How to donate: Donations can be made online or mailed directly to Project Night Night.

These organizations provide an incredible service for foster children and their parents. If you’re looking for a way to put your extra clothes and items to good use, consider donating to any of these three great organizations.

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