where can i donate men’s work clothes in nj

where can i donate men’s work clothes in nj

Where Can I Donate Men’s Work Clothes in NJ?

People in need of men’s work clothes for job interviews or daily employment can find plenty of places to get it in New Jersey. Although there is not a one-stop-shop for this, there are local charities, goodwill stores, garment recycling programs and even churches that can provide assistance. Here is a comprehensive guide to finding resources in NJ that provide men’s work clothes.

Local Charities

There are many local charities within NJ that offer work clothing assistance. Some may also include services such as laundry and tailoring, as well as professional preparation such as resume and portfolio help. Some of these include:

  • Develop Initiatives – A Newark-based organization providing business attire to unemployed individuals as well as job interview assistance, including free haircuts and professional training.
  • Dress for Success – A South Jersey charity with donations from the community and clothing from area stores. They also offer hair and makeup advice, mock interviews, and more.
  • Family Promise of Morris County – A nonprofit providing professional attire to individuals in need from 5 NJ counties.

Goodwill Stores

Most Goodwill stores throughout NJ offer viable options for men’s work clothes depending on the location. As with any thrift store, the selection of items will vary and you may have to do some digging to find what you need.

Garment Recycling Programs

Garment recycling programs in New Jersey often collect gently used clothing that gets sorted, repaired, and redistributed. Some of these organizations are Krochet Kids, which provides displaced men with workwear to help them in their job search, or Stitches Sister, an organization providing the homeless with apparel including garmets for both winter and summer weather.


Many churches throughout NJ offer clothing assistance. This often includes resources on finding employment, such as money management, job hunting, and interviewing. They may also offer clothing donations or vouchers. You can find clothes distribution information here.

With the plethora of resources available, there should be no shortage of options for clothing needs in NJ. Those in need of men’s work clothes should take advantage of the many fantastic organizations offering help.

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