where can i sell men’s clothes for cash near me

where can i sell men’s clothes for cash near me

Where to Sell Men’s Clothes for Cash Near Me

Tired of clothes cluttering your closet? You can turn those wardrobe castaways into extra cash by selling them online or in-person. The best places to sell used men’s clothes depend on the item’s condition, the type of fabric, and the style.

Online Options

If you’re wondering where to sell used men’s clothing, consider these top online options:

  • eBay – This is an excellent destination for selling men’s clothes. Choose from multiple sales formats and list sizes, brands and descriptions to increase profits.
  • Poshmark – If you have designer and brand-name clothing to sell, Poshmark is the place to go. This online marketplace especially favors luxury casual clothing like jeans, suits and dress shirts.
  • ThreadUP – This is a great place to sell men’s clothing and accessories. What sets ThreadUP apart is that you can send them a “clean out kit” – they handle the rest.
  • Local Online Marketplace – If you don’t want to commit to creating a storefront online, you can use a local online marketplace to list and sell clothing to local buyers. For example, Facebook Marketplace lets you list in your local area.

In-Person Options

If you’re looking for a face-to-face buying experience you can consider the following brick-and-mortar options:

  • Consignment Stores – You can sell men’s clothing at local consignment stores, but keep in mind what items they accept and their commission fee.
  • Garage/Yard Sales – Hosting a yard sale is a great way to clear out your wardrobe. You will be able to interact with buyers and get cash instantly.
  • Flea Markets – Use the roadside or a weekly flea market to sell leftovers after a yard sale – you can keep going until everything is sold.
  • Thrift Stores – Local thrift stores are always looking for donations. Donation centers often provide a tax write-off, a great way to get extra cash.

Now that you know where to sell used men’s clothing for cash, you can start clearing out your closet and making some money!

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