where can larger men buy womens clothing

where can larger men buy womens clothing

Where Can Larger Men Buy Women’s Clothing?

Ever wanted to buy women’s clothing, but felt like you box was too large for the sizes available? You may be surprised to find that there are actually several retailers out there that cater to men seeking women’s apparel in larger sizes. Below are few places that larger men can find stylish and fashionable options when it comes to women’s clothing.

AAA Fashion

AAA Fashion is a plus-size clothing company that offers up to size 48 in women’s clothing. The company specializes in designer labels and styles that are both current and classic. Women of all sizes will feel comfortable shopping here, and in particular, heavier men will find fashionable fits that work!


Enfeminin.com is a great online shop for larger men seeking women’s clothing. Not only does the company carry sizes 18 to 24, but they also specialize in hard to find plus-size items. You can shop for everything from jeans and tops to lingerie and outerwear.


You may already be familiar with Macy’s, one of the most popular retail chains in the United States. But did you know that you can find women’s clothing in sizes up to 32W? Macy’s caters to heavier men looking for stylish women’s apparel.

Final Thoughts

Finding larger sizes in women’s clothing can be challenging, but there are options out there! Women come in all shapes and sizes, and men can too. The stores listed above are great places to start when looking for fashionable women’s clothing in larger sizes.

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