which dryer setting men clothes

which dryer setting men clothes

5 Dryer Settings Every Man Should Know About

Drying clothes is a part of life and can be done in many ways. Knowing the right settings on a dryer for men’s clothes can help in making sure that garments look their best long after they were first worn. Here’s a helpful guide to the five essential dryer settings for your male wardrobe.

Permanent Press Setting

This setting is designed especially for cotton and polyester blends of clothing, and you’ll get clean, wrinkle-free clothes that don’t involve any ironing. The permanent press setting is warm and includes a cool-down period which will help to reduce wrinkles.

Delicate Setting

The delicate setting accommodates clothing made out of light fabrics such as silk. The temperatures are low, as too much heat on delicate fabrics can cause damage. Especially for sweaters and other knitwear, the delicate setting works to cut down static build-up.

Air Dry Setting

The air dry setting is great for those items that cannot be machine-dried; hats, shoes, and delicate items alike. The air dry setting allows items to be dried without any heat, allowing for long-term preservation of the garments.

Short Dry Cycle

This is a quick option for those who are short on time. The short dry cycle is usually 10 minutes, but depending on the garment, it can be as short as five minutes. Keep in mind, however, that clothes may be damp after the cycle and will require ironing or airing out if you need them to dry faster.

Sanitize Cycle

The sanitize setting gets clothes clean and germ-free without the use of any detergents or softeners. Not only is it important for those who may be sensitive to these products, but the sanitize cycle helps us all to stay healthy and germ-free.

Dryers can be a great asset when it comes to taking care of our clothes. Knowing the right settings can help make sure your wardrobe looks as good as it possibly can. With these five dryer settings, you’ll have everything you need to look like a million bucks for any occasion.

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