which fabrics became popular for men’s clothing in the 20s

which fabrics became popular for men’s clothing in the 20s

Which Fabrics Became Popular For Men’s Clothing In The 20s?

The 1920s was a period of trend-setting clothing styles for both men and women. During this time, men’s clothing was characterized by a smart and sophisticated aesthetic, with a focus on high-quality fabrics and intricate design details.


Quality suits made from luxurious fabrics became increasingly popular in the 1920s. For summer suits, lightweight worsted wool fabric may be used. This fabric is cool and breathable, yet still gives structure to a tailored look. For winter suits, tweed was often the fabric of choice. Tweed is thick, giving extra warmth and insulation for the colder months.


For a more relaxed look, cotton and woolen fabrics were commonly used for sportswear in the 1920s. Flannel was often chosen for trousers, as it is durable and wrinkle-resistant, while wool was usually the preferred material for sweaters and jackets.


Accessories such as caps, scarves, vests and ties were also popular items of clothing in the 1920s. For these, popular fabrics included velvet, silk, satin and chambray. These materials allowed for more intricate and eye-catching designs, as well as providing an extra layer of insulation for cooler weather.

Leather Goods

Leather items such as bags, shoes and jackets were also fashionable in the 20s. Genuine leather was the preferred material for these items, as it was durable and long-lasting. Leather is also a luxurious material which adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

In conclusion, the 1920s was a period of stylish and sophisticated fashion for men. Quality fabrics such as worsted wool, tweed, cotton, velvet and leather were popular choices for suits, sportswear and accessories. These fabrics gave structure, warmth and luxury to the clothing of the era, allowing men to put together a smart and fashionable look.

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