which norwex cloth do you wet

which norwex cloth do you wet

Which Norwex Cloth Do You Wet?

Norwex is a company that produces a variety of cloths and cleaning products. Many people are wondering which Norwex cloth do you wet?

Types of Norwex Cloth

Norwex offers a variety of different cloths, which include:

  • Enviro Cloth – This cloth is suitable for general cleaning of countertops and other surfaces in the home.
  • Window Cloth – This cloth is designed for use on windows, as it is specially made for a streak-free finish.
  • Kitchen Towel – This cloth is good for wiping down kitchen surfaces and soaking up liquid spills quickly.
  • Antibac Cloth – This cloth is designed to be used on surfaces where bacteria may be present and is great for bathrooms.

Which Norwex Cloth Do You Wet?

The answer to the question “Which Norwex cloth do you wet?” depends on the type of cloth. Generally speaking, the Enviro cloth, Window cloth, and Kitchen towel all need to be dampened with water before use.

The Antibac cloth, however, should not be dampened. This cloth contains silver particles, which only become activated when the cloth is dry. By dampening the cloth, you may be detracting from its effectiveness.


In conclusion, wetting Norwex cloths before use is generally recommended – with the exception of the Antibac cloth. When using this cloth, drying it is essential for it to be effective.

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